About PSWIB Mentoring Program


The aim of the Port Stephens Women In Business Mentoring Program is to provide an opportunity for women in the Port Stephens area to support other business woman through a mentoring relationship.  Mentoring refers to a personal development relationship between two people that enables cooperative, meaningful conversation to reflect on actions and experiences; make clear and informed decisions; and move forward with ideas generated.  PSWIB members may participate as a:

Mentor - offering mentoring and support another woman in the identification and achievement of her goals

Mentee - wanting support and guidance to develop herself professionally and achieve her goals

Mentoring may be used to support the new business woman establish her business in Port Stephens, or to respond to the demands of this new role and to understand her responsibilities, or to help her identify and address significant issues that may be inhibiting her progress and success in this role.  It may also be for established business women new to the Port Stephens area. 

The mentoring process involves:

Identifying goals and supporting the achievement of these goals
Developing the mentees personal leadership skills
Active listening, modelling, observing, articulating and discussing issues to raise awareness
Shared learning experiences (eg observation)
Providing guidance and feedback
Review and action planning
Brokering a range of support

Who is eligible?

Mentors are experienced women who are members of PSWIB.  They have a wide range of experiences, skills and are emotionally intelligent.  They are able to make sound judgements on what they see, hear and experience in the mentoring relationship.  They communicate with caring, value, respect and empathy; and model behaviours appropriate to the mentee.  

A mentor will be able to:

Demonstrate well-developed interpersonal skills
Generate trust, support commitment, generate new actions through listening and communication skills
Encourage the mentee to aim for stretch goals, and provide support if the mentee falters or gets out of her depth
Provide support without removing responsibility
Demonstrate a degree of business know how, and have an understanding of the Port Stephens business environment
Guide the mentee to identify values, vision and strengths 

Mentees are women who are new to business in the Port Stephens area.  

They may be new to business, or they may be new to the Port Stephens area
They are members of PSWIB and are seeking to establish an ongoing relationship with a mentor who can provide guidance and support as required  
They are seeking to focus on their career and personal development.  
They are not seeking specific advice regarding the establishment or growth of their business.


To enter the program as a mentor or mentee you will need to complete a registration form.  (let them know here where it is available) The information contained in these forms will help the PSWIB Mentoring Committee make the appropriate recommendations regarding mentoring partnerships.

More detailed information is available from the PSWIB committee, fill out form below.

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The mentoring program that I was lucky enough to participate in has taught me that it is always worthwhile to get a second opinion, especially when that opinion has had a wealth of experience and knowledge in business. My mentor was fantastic and supported me through the start up of my business by always being there to lend a listening ear, or sometimes to just let me vent my frustrations. Hopefully they also gained from the experience with suggestions or opinions that I could contribute, without being ‘inside’ the problem or issue. I would highly recommend to anyone that is starting a business to become part of this program. You have nothing to lose, any everything to gain from the experience!
— Emily Perry, PSWIB President